Fixing Depression
Fixing Depression
Fixing Depression
Fixing Depression
Depression Symptoms

Let us help you find some common symptoms of depression in initial stage.

How To Treat Depression

Treatment for depression requires extra care and a little cheering up.

Diagnosis and Types Disorders

A depressive disorder can lead to many mental and physical problems.

The Woes of Depression

Woes of Depression

When you are depressed, happiness seems to run away from you. Joy is lost and nowhere to be found. Your desires and wants suddenly become meaningless, you obsessively worry, you have no energy, you have no confidence whatsoever, you think the world is on your shoulders. You feel like crying. You feel hopeless. You feel trapped. Your friendships go bad. Life is numb and angry. Your thoughts are bombarded with negativity, like I am worthless. What is behind this depression?

What about depression's point of view? "I am depression" I am cold, I destroy your dreams, I fill your head with gloom, that make your eyes teary. This description of depression is a little dramatic. But its the truth, depression can be destructive, it won't leave without a fight.

Diagnosis and Types of 3 Depressive Disorders


Depressive disorders are a health related disease that involves the mind and human body. Depression or any major depressive disorder may be defined as clinical depression. Depression affects how you experience, think and respond. A depressive disorder can lead to an assortment of mental and physical problems. You may have problems doing normal day-to-day routines, and depression may make you feel as if living isn't worth living. Many people close to depressed individuals fail to recognize the severity and intensity that one's depressive state can bring.